Robyn has trained in Social Artistry leadership with Dr Jean Houston from the UN and the Magicians Way with William Whitecloud, learning the skills of becoming a creative force in one's own life. She has studied in depth, the work of Joseph Campbell, Robert Fritz and Peter Senge, world leaders in the exploration of profound change in people, organisations and society. Robyn is trained in Reiki Healing, Meditation with the Gawler Foundation, The Journey with Brandon Bays, Divine Love teachings of AJ Miller and has a Bachelor of Arts Degree and Diplomas of Education and Professional Counselling.

  • able to present a wide range of health and wellbeing, self help, motivational and spiritual subjects
  • trained in synergy and 'world cafe' presentation and group work, which maximises audience participation, co-operation and harmony
  • experience in festival, corporate and smaller local events
  • sensitivity in adapting material to suit the understanding and interest level of audiences
  • wide variety of presentation formats including power point, whiteboard and microphones for interactive questions during the presentation
  • sensitive and often spontaneous use of humour to add interest and fun to the event

Robyn Ramsay - Presenter

Creating ways to help people connect more deeply with one another and with their common concerns and sense of purpose.

"When our work is informed by a larger intention, it's infused with who we are and our purpose in being alive. When people in leadership positions begin to serve a vision infused with a larger purpose, their work shifts naturally from producing results to encouraging the growth of people who produce results."